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The Industry’s Most Complete Building Materials Take-off
We offer exclusively the most accurate, complete, and reliable building materials take-off in the industry. Each Material List is prepared by our partner, Accurate Estimates – the industry leader in estimating services with over 18 years experience and over 50,000 completed estimates to date.
What exactly is an Ultimate Estimate Material Take off?
Your Material take off in simple terms, is a complete framing material list. Our professionals break down each individual item from the blueprints using advanced software, techniques, and equipment. You will be able to start your home-building quickly knowing the exact materials you need and how to get them with Lowe's. Work with your Lowe's associate to price out the entire job and start ordering material. Purchasing Lowe’s materials and merchandise will qualify you to get your money back on the cost of the Ultimate Estimate Material Take off (see more details below).
Your Ultimate Estimate contains 5 essential parts.
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The Quote.
The Quote is a detailed list of all the building materials needed to build your project, listed from the bottom up, in the order that each one will actually be used. The Quote is essentially a complete building guide to the whole project.
Framing Diagram Image... click for larger view
The Framing Diagram.
Provides (when required) floor, ceiling and roof framing diagrams that, while not intended as structural framing plans, show exactly where every joist, rafter and supporting member was estimated. This can be extremely important to the framer, especially when a complicated roof or floor system is involved.

Millwork Image... click for larger view 
The Millwork Report
The Millwork items (both Running and Standing) of the estimate will be found throughout the Quote listed in the appropriate section. The Window and Door lists can be found on separate pages. The Millwork items are both the easiest and costliest materials to overlook while preparing an estimate. Before any estimate is completed, the Millwork items are thoroughly checked by another estimator to ensure complete accuracy. Please note, only those Millwork items that are actually shown on the plan will be included. Ultimate Estimate does not specify or assume Millwork.

Manhour Image... click for larger view 
The Man Hour Report
The Man-Hour Report serves two purposes. Its primary purpose is to project the labor required to build your project. It is calculated on a line-by-line basis for all items quoted and presented in man-hours. Man-hours are used instead of unit costs because they are more flexible and can be applied to any crew makeup. The secondary purpose of the Man-hour Report is to act as a checklist. There are many items, from site work to subs to the cost of plans and specs that are not included in a typical estimate but must be accounted for. The Man-hour Report will help you do that.

Comments Image... click for larger view 
The Comments Section
The best time to deal with a problem in your project is at the planning stage, and not during the building stage, when it can become very costly. While preparing your Ultimate Estimate, our partner’s estimators analyze your blueprint and list any questions or discrepancies on the Comments page. Our partner will contact the designer or architect in order to clarify any questions as they occur and will note all phone dialogue on the Comments page.
Why an Ultimate Estimate?
It’s detailed and timely!
You will receive a full material list that details the amount of material needed, in the order that your builder will use it. Our estimators lay out your material list starting from the foundation and ending at the roof. Your builder can order the exact materials needed for that specific phase of construction without any guessing or overspending.
It’s Affordable and Ultimately Free!
Pricing starts at $345 for plans up to 5,000 Sq Ft. $545 for plans over 5,000 Sq ft. To have a similar estimate done locally would cost substantially more. When customers purchase an Ultimate Estimate they are automatically eligible to receive a gift card equal to the cost of the Ultimate Estimate. Purchase $5,000.00 ($10,000.00 for certain estimates) worth of material or merchandise at any Lowe’s and save your receipts. When you receive your Ultimate Estimate you will receive instructions on how to request your gift card at It’s simple, easy to do and is like getting your Material list for free.
Important Additional Details
A plan purchase is required to receive an Ultimate Estimate. Ultimate Estimate’s are not returnable or refundable. Your Ultimate Estimate includes complete material listings for framing, roofing windows, doors and trim only. It does not include electrical, plumbing or HVAC materials or diagrams. It does not include cement, concrete block or rebar counts for your foundation. It does not include calculations for exterior finish material such as brick, siding, stucco and masonry counts.
Have questions? Please call toll-free 1-800-523-6789.
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