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A-frame houses are one of the most popular home styles for getaway homes found in the mountains, woods or other rustic settings. An A-frame home is most easily recognized by its steep, gable roof, which runs down to almost the ground. This feature is also very practical ? it allows snow to easily slide off the roof and to the ground, taking the load off the roof.
A Builder-Friendly home is ....
Cape Cod
Cape Cod homes developed their signature style in the 1700s. These homes are traditional in style, simple and often symmetrical. Typically, Cape Cod houses are one or one-and-a-half stories with dormer windows. The exterior is generally covered in clapboard or shingles and has a fairly steep roof.
Colonial houses are those styles that are most often associated with the home styles found in the thirteen original colonies and the early days of the United States. Newer homes today based on these styles are considered ?Colonial Revival? homes ? and are very popular throughout the country. These homes typically have a traditional, symmetrical layout with a center-hall entry plan. The exterior is generally covered in wood or brick. Other exterior features often include columns or pillars, porches, dormers and shutters.
Contemporary house plans include such distinctive features as asymmetrical design, clean lines, flat roofs and large windows. The exteriors of such homes can be found using a variety of materials, including wood, stucco, brick and stone.
Cottages are typically smaller, more picturesque homes and are sometimes also referred to as bungalows. They may also be vacation/recreation homes ideal for a lake of mountain setting.
Country houses are known for their traditional, well-proportioned architectural style. These homes are noted for their porches and gabled roofs. They can be either one or two stories. Popular throughout the country, country-style houses can be found most often in the South and the Northeast.
Craftsman style homes are usually one-and-one-half stories, with low-pitched roofs sometimes classified as ?Bungalow style houses?. This style home typically has exposed eave brackets, wood siding and stone accents. Some homes also incorporate tapered columns. These homes were created as a simpler style as compared to the Victorian style of the late 1800?s. This arts and crafts style originated in the early 1900?s and have a cozy natural feel about them.
A deck is outdoor living space. This can be an expansion of the great room or an area for dining in the fresh air. Decks can also be the transition between the home and a pool area. Perfect for Outdoor Entertaining!
An Easy-to-Build home is from our special collection of home plans that include a free Material Take-off and have simple roof construction. They use basic framing techniques for strength and speed of building (no exotic construction and no trusses), meet or exceed all current residential codes, and use standard-length lumber. The homes also feature low-maintenance finishes, energy-efficient vapor-barrier-and-insulation envelopes, and Energy Star appliances. Many of the one-story plans are designed for a future second-story addition, so you can easily expand up and not out. The first-floor ceiling is built from the beginning to be the second-story floor, and the foundation is designed to withstand the extra weight and forces of the future second story.
Easy-to-Build Addition
Easy to Build Additions can be purchased to add a second story to an easy to build one story plan.
European homes are both one or two story in design and typically have stucco, stone or brick exteriors. They generally have multiple roof lines and ornamental detailing. These homes display an elegant look and have some similarities to a castle.
Farmhouses remind us of an earlier, simpler period of time in America. These homes typically focus around the kitchen and family room. Usually one-and-a-half or two stories, these houses have several bedrooms that are often clustered together. The exteriors are generally covered in wood siding and include a simple porch or a more dramatic wrap-around porch.
The garage was developed in the early 1900's to house the new automobile. Some of today's garages still are used to keep the automobile out of the weather when not in use. Many garages, however, are used as workshops, storage of yard equipment or for other recreational vehicles. Garages found in this category are all free standing and detached from the home. Some have upper levels with additional storage or apartments.
Garage with living area above
An American tradition dating back to the early days of the pioneers, present-day log homes remind us of that spirit but include the modern features and elegance that today?s homeowners desire. The layout typically features open spaces, such as in the kitchen, living and family areas. The exterior incorporates natural wood and stone.
Long Island Collection
Collection of homes designed for rebuillding Long Island after hurricane Sandy.
A luxury home is one that is specified with features or amenities that are considered more upscale than those of the average home. Generally, luxury homes are larger than the average home, but smaller homes can be considered luxury if they include premium features such as high-end cabinets and trimwork, pool areas, guest suites, and theater rooms, to name a few.
Home with attached apartment
Multiple rental apartment
Ranches are typically one-story houses that make terrific starter homes. Asymmetrical designs and low-pitched roofs are common features with ranch homes. The exterior is often covered in wood and brick. Expanded ranch houses are known as raised ranches or split-level ranches.
Most Southern styled home designs have exterior finishes of brick or stucco, although some use wood siding. The exterior design elements feature stacked porches with large columns, verandas, transom windows, a shallow pitched hipped roof and dormers. Southern styled homes include Federal, Georgian and Plantation styles and typically have symmetry with decorative elements.
Southwestern-style houses are noted for their stucco walls and low pitched roofs. Many of these features are designed to reduce the effects of the heat and sun in the American Southwest.
Spanish and Mediterranean-style houses are typically one story with shallow, tile roofs with wide overhangs. Both are generally covered with stucco exteriors.
Store Front
Commercial rental space
Traditional houses include a wide variety of classic styles ? Cape Cod, Colonial, Craftsman, Georgian, Federal, and more. These house plans may also mix a number of classic styles into the home?s design. The exteriors of these homes may be of brick, stone or wood siding and include light ornamentation, gable or hip roofs, and symmetrically spaced windows.
These traditional, European-style houses are typically two stories and have steep roofs that come down to the upper level windows. They are generally covered with stucco exteriors.
Recreation and vacation houses are noted for their open living spaces. Many styles are represented in this category, including A-frames, log cabins, farmhouses, cottages, beachfront, Florida, Southwest and contemporary.
Noted for their turrets, steep roof pitches, bay windows and porches, these are typically two story houses. Gingerbread-style ornamentation and decoration as well as wood siding are very common.
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