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Using our substantial library of house plans, finding your perfect home is easy! But before you get going, be sure to make sure you have everything taken care of:

Assess Your Needs: When looking to build a home, you need to consider both your current needs and future needs. Will you want to walk up the stairs? Do you have a growing family? Will additional room be needed for children returning from college or elderly relatives needing your assistance? Prioritize these needs and use them as a checklist as you select a home plan.

Evaluate Your Home Site: Just about every home site has certain features that are unique. Is your site on the side of a hill? Does it have spectacular views? When evaluating your build site, you will find that certain architectural styles work better with the landscape than others.

Develop a Budget: The square footage of your new build will be the most significant factor in calculating the total cost of the build. It will also determine the type of floor plans you should consider. The easiest way to determine your estimated cost to build is to order an EZ Quote and have our experts price out labor and materials for the specific zip code where you intend to build. Or, to obtain your local average cost per square foot for new homes, contact your local chapter of the National Association of Home Builders. As a place to start, multiply the square footage of your new home by the average cost per square foot to determine a general cost. Be sure to add some padding to your budget for landscaping and contingency.

You're now ready to start searching our library!

How to Select a Home Plan

Visit Our Home Plans Search Engine to immediately begin finding home plans that meet your specific criteria. Our filtering options will save you significant time and effort. If you want to add a plan to your short list, simply click "Add to Favorites" to save it to your account. You’ll be able to quickly revisit these home plans, making it easy to show them to friends and family before any decisions are made.

Found the Ideal House Plan? Choose Your Plan Package. Once you have found your dream home plan, select the type of plan package you will need. You should be prepared for contractors, mortgage lenders and local building officials to request their own copies of your blueprints. To learn more about the type of plan sets available, visit our online home plans FAQ.

Purchase Your Ultimate Home Plan. To complete your purchase, simply use our secure online checkout process. Our site features an SSL certificate and multilayer encryption to keep your information safe.

Want Something Special? Customize. Want to add a garage bay? Would you like a different kitchen, or alter the sizes and locations of the rooms on a floor plan? Our experts can modify your home plan to meet your specific needs. To learn more about customizing your home plan, read about Our Custom Services.

Everyone at Ultimate Home Plans is dedicated to making your house plan dreams a reality. If you should need any help or have any questions, please contact us. Our specialists have many years of experience in home building and can provide 1-on-1 guidance about any aspect of the home building process.

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