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Green building is the movement toward designing and building homes that have minimal impact on the environment and are healthy structures in which to live. There are many ways of incorporating green products and building methods into your home, some as easy as site location or landscaping. While green building can be a rewarding experience, it is not without its complications. For example, it is oftentimes difficult to define exactly what green is. And many inferior products only claim to be green.

When determining what products you want to include in your home, check the manufacturer’s warranty, research how many years the company has been in business, and verify whether it provides an Energy Star Rating and whether it is backed by a national certification program.

This selection of home plans currently meets the latest IRC codes and incorporates green design features, such as high-efficiency furnaces, high-performance windows with Low-E glass, R-38 insulation in ceilings, and insulated walls in basement foundations .

In addition, each set of home plans includes an informational sheet with more green ideas that you can incorporate into your building project. So why not check out these plans and ideas—and build green today to make a difference for tomorrow?

Green adaptable Plans
Green adaptable Plans
Green adaptable Plans

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