Below are some of the more frequently asked questions we receive on our home plan services. If you would like further information or have additional questions, please Contact Us.

Using this Site

How do I search for a home plan?
There are many ways to submit a search. Home style, square footage, most-popular, number of floors, types of Floor Plans, number of bedrooms and number of bedrooms are all common methods. If you know specific plans that you are looking for, you can also type in the plan number and we'll pull it up for you. All of our search options are accessible from the home page.
How can I save home plans I like but am not ready to purchase?
Ultimateplans.com makes it easy to reference your favorite home plans, without backtracking through your visit. Simply click "Add to Favorites" beside the plan you like, and when you're ready to view them, go to "My Favorites" on the left-hand menu.
Where can I find your privacy policy and terms of use?

About the Plans

What is included in your house plans?
With your purchase you will receive the following: a foundation sheet, exterior elevations, detailed floor plans, and a section (wall section or building section). Interior elevations, cabinet plans, fireplace details, stair details, and a roof plan may be included in some but not all of our plans.
Where can I find photographs of completed homes built from these plans?
When available, we post photos of finished homes constructed according to the featured house plan, Please note that while these photos may be exactly like the floor plans displayed, from time to time, homeowners do add their own details to the exterior and changes to the floor plans. As a result, the floor plans available on this web site may not always be identical to the house in the photograph.
Where can I locate a rear elevation of a specific home plan?
If the page you're viewing does not have a rear or side view, let us know . We will contact the designer and reply with your requested information within a few days.
What is a reproducible set of home plans?
Some plans need modification to adapt to local codes or climates. Reproducible prints can be altered by a local designer and come with a reproduction waiver so copies can be made as needed.
What is a CAD file?
CAD files are the complete set of home plans in electronic file format. Choose this option if there are multiple changes you wish made to the home plans and you have a local design professional able to make the changes. CAD files can not be exchanged and are nonrefundable.
What is a PDF file?
PDF files are a complete set of home plans in electronic file format sent to you via email. These files cannot be altered electronically, once printed changes can be hand drawn. A PDF file gives you the license to modify the plans to fit your needs and build one home. PDF files can be printed in many different sizes. Take this file to any local print shop and have them print out as many sets in whatever sizes you need. PDF files cannot be exchanged and are nonrefundable.
I see a house plan I like, but can I request changes?
Absolutely! Any home plan can be customized to your needs or likes. Go to Resources and read about how to customize a home plan and how to submit a Home Plan Modification Request Form to receive your free quote.
How much will it cost to customize my house plans?
Ultimateplans.com knows the importance of the dollar when crafting the home of your dreams, so we offer quotes for our home plans to our customers directly through our website.


How many blueprints should I buy?
This number can vary depending on who is involved in your building process. The homeowner, local building authority, builder, mortgage lender and anyone else directly involved with the construction of your home will likely need a copy. Assuming your home will involve all of the above, a recommended order would be 7 to 10 prints.
If I need additional prints, am I considered a new customer?
Rest assured that if you order too few on your original order, you can request additional home plans within 60 days from that date at special reorder prices. Please Contact us for details.
Does a sales tax apply to my purchase?
Missouri residents are subject to state sales tax on their purchases of house plans. Canadian residents are subject to provincial sales taxes.
How can I track the status of my order?
Under My Account , one of the listed options is to review your Order Status. Click the link and you'll get more details about your plans.
What is your exchange policy?
Blueprints are nonrefundable. However, should you find that the plan you have purchased does not fit your needs, you may exchange that plan for another plan in our collection within 60 days from the date of your original order. The entire content of your original order must be returned before an exchange will be processed. You will be charged a processing fee of 20% of the amount of the original order, the cost difference between the new plan set and the original plan set (if applicable), and all related shipping costs for the new plans. Contact our order department for more information. Please note: reproducible masters may only be exchanged if the package is unopened. PDF files and CAD files cannot be exchanged and are nonrefundable.

Building Your Home

I am interested in building my own home, but where do I start?
First off, some things to consider are budget, space and time. How much are you willing to invest in your home's construction? How big is your property? What type of terrain is it located on? What kind of floor plans are you looking at? How soon would you like it completed? Mapping out all the details to questions like these can give you a better idea of what you'd like and what you're realistically aiming for. Consider the number of inhabitants. Are you planning on expanding your family in the future? If so, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms are key aspects to remember. If you're not sure, a home that will adapt well to additions may be crucial to your plans. What does your current residence look like? Do you want to create a home in the same or a similar style, or are you looking for a specific style, such as Victorian or Ranch? Pinpointing exactly what makes your dream home yours will bring you one huge step closer to achieving it.
How can I estimate the cost to build my home?
This is perhaps our most frequently asked question and the most difficult one to answer. Labor and material costs differ widely across the country. Your building site's characteristics also play a significant role. Finally, the amenities you choose for your home - from cabinets and countertops to windows, flooring and doors - will also substantially impact the final cost of your home. With the above in mind, the square footage of the home you build is the most significant factor in calculating the cost. Perhaps the easiest way to determine your local average cost per square foot for new homes is to contact your local chapter of the National Association of Home Builders. Multiply the square footage of the home you want to build by the average cost per square foot to determine a general cost for your floor plans. Be sure to add extra dollars to your budget for landscaping.
What do I need to know about building codes?
All home plans are drawn to conform to or exceed one or more of the industry's major national building standards - saving you time and money. Keep in mind that building codes do vary from region to region, and some local codes require an architectural or engineering "seal of approval" on your print before construction can begin. We strongly encourage you to consult an architect, a contractor, or your local housing authority before beginning your home building processes.

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