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Your dream home may require changes and modifications to make it yours. For this reason, we provide the option of adapting featured home plans into customized ones specific to your needs.

Home Plan

Popular modifications include

  • Altering Type of foundation
  • Adding or expanding a garage
  • Adding or modifying a fire place
  • Enlarging or reducing the living space square footage for a floor plan
  • Altering the exterior

Of course, this is only a few of the possibilities. Our designers can work with you on just about any other request you may have. To submit any questions regarding modifications to a specific home plan, simply click here.

Please note, as all of our plans are copyright-protected by the architect or designer, once you are ready to proceed with your customized home plan, you will be required to purchase a reproducible set. A reproducible set allows you to both modify your house plan and make additional copies.

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